As husband and wife, our move from California to Loretto was to retire and enjoy the ‘good life’. Upon moving here, we joined clubs, met people with similar interests and started embracing the southern culture. We found that we actually fit in.

Our skills were both put to good use as we stayed pretty busy; Eric with his maintenance skills and woodworking and me with my graphic design and culinary skills. All while managing to maintain our 32 acre farm.

After five years, an opportunity presented itself to own an existing antique business that had been in business since 2008. The store owner was actually a friend whom we’ve known since moving here.

Eric could immediately see us in it. I had to think about it, but when I did, I saw that our talents could actually benefit the place as well as our love for antiques.

So, the rest is history. We now own this little piece of history and we are now the proud owners of Old School Antiques.

Old School Antiques has over 10,000 square feet of antiques, collectibles and vintage pieces. Our store uniquely caters to men, women and children. Stop in and say hello. We’d love to meet you.



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